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Unless you're 106 years old, you won't remember a time when the famous "Saunders Bakery" sign wasn't on this prime corner of Rockwood real estate. You literally can not take the highway through town from ANY direction without passing this the prime retail site. And now they even stop customers right out front for you with a traffic light! With generations of Saunders now retired, you can assume this iconic corner - and you don't even have to bake bread to do it! Maybe it's time for a law office, flower shop, insurance sales, ice cream shop, coffee cafe. The C1 zoning is up for it. And there's a separate second floor area you can make into a nice apartment, too, if you like. Ask about it; we’ll work something out for you. Live up, work down... sell your car. Well, maybe not; there's lots of room to park it, too. Maybe a few years from now everyone will be calling this corner by your name, the new landmark business that can't be missed. Rockwood is growing fast. Why not grow with it?

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